Spocklight: A Star Trek Podcast

Episode 23: Discovery Season One Retrospective Part 2 (w/ Sean McLoughlin)

July 11, 2018

Liam, Matt, Paul and special guest, Chortle Award nominated Stand Up Comedian, Sean McLoughlin, attempt to find their way out of the mirror universe in Part Two of our epic two part look back over the first season of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ as we analyse the back six episodes of the series.

Liam reads a ridiculous fanboy rant that complains about everything from “feminist lunacy” to “feminist Idiocy” for ruining the show, Paul reckons Qo'noS looks more like Camden Market then the Klingon homeworld, Matt ponders the thought process behind naming a torture device an 'Agonizor' while Sean falls a little bit in love with Admiral Cornwell. Multiple sword fights, shocking twists, Jason Isaacs owning twitter trolls, and much more as we find out whether the USS Discovery sticks its landing.


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