Spocklight: A Star Trek Podcast

Episode 18: The Next Generation (w/ Sean McLoughlin, Stephen Trumble)

February 8, 2018

In 1987 TV changed forever as a bold new vision and a brand new cast took us where no show had been before. It’s time for the Spocklight crew to tackle ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’

This month we’re joined by returning Guest and Max Turner Prize winning Stand Up Comedian, Stephen Trumble, as well as fellow Stand Up, Sean McLoughlin, fresh from supporting Ricky Gervais on his International ‘Humanity’ tour, to discuss TNG Pilot, ‘Encounter at Far point’ as well as Stephen and Sean’s own mystery Guest picks. But what episodes will Stephen and Sean choose for Liam, Matt and Paul to convince them that the show is worth fully committing to? What’s Liam’s first ever memory of Star Trek? What’s Matt’s beef with the new Enterprise Bridge and Wesley Crusher? Does Paul really need any convincing where TNG is concerned? And is Patrick Stewart “A damn fine Actor” or just a “Grim bald crank? The answers to all this and more await you so Engage, Make it so and Download now!

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