Spocklight: A Star Trek Podcast

Episode 7: Generations

March 8, 2017

Join us in Phase Two of our Mission to explore every film in the 'Star Trek' movie franchise from a non-Trekkie perspective with a perfect jumping on point for fans of ‘The Next Generation’ and new listeners in general.

The Spocklight crew have an appointment with eternity and they don’t want to be late: it’s Star Trek: Generations!

 Liam ponders the size of the crew’s costume department and questions Picard’s inability to beat up a single normal old coke addict ridden geezer without Kirk’s help. Paul points out Troi’s uselessness as an ‘empathy counsellor’ and recalls his failed attempt to unearth his lost childhood Trek toys. And Matt applauds a great visual gag from the corny holodeck sequence and realises that ooooooh heaven is a place… in space.

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