Spocklight: A Star Trek Podcast

Episode 8: First Contact (w/ Stephen Trumble)

April 12, 2017

With a four-alarm hangover, Team Spocklight go rogue and say 'to hell with our orders!' It's ‘Star Trek: First Contact’.

Liam praises the film's nightmarish body horror influences whilst wishing Worf had more conviction behind his killer one liner, Paul pitches William Shatner's own Borg-centric, Kirk-resurrecting novel and muses on a spine snapping twist on an iconic ‘Hamlet’ moment, Matt is all for the 'Die Hard in a Spaceship' setup as well as its ‘Demolition Man’ inspired technique to avoiding certain death and returning guest star, Stand up Comedian and official Spocklight Artist, Stephen Trumble, highlights Picard's double standard with sparing Borg life and admires TV Guide's Sexiest Man Alive '92

Perhaps today IS a good day to die... join us in the resistance and download now!

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