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On Screen 2: Columbo (w/ Chris Hewitt from Empire Magazine)

July 26, 2020

On our latest ‘On Screen’ episode we’re joined by The Empire Film Podcast host, Chris Hewitt, to discuss William Shatner’s 1976 guest appearance on classic Detective drama, Columbo.

Chris gives us an education in all things Columbo as we discuss the shambolic Detective’s status as a class warrior and the duality of the character, the history of the show, Shatner’s second guest star role in a later 1994 instalment and his sparkling chemistry with Peter Falk, a surprise appearance from Walter Koenig, the original ending of the episode and Leonard Nimoy’s earlier guest spot as the only villain evil enough to make Columbo mad!

But before all that, we pay tribute to the dearly departed Joel Schumacher.


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