Spocklight: A Star Trek Podcast

Supplemental 1: The Morality of Star Trek (w/ David Trumble)

January 26, 2017

Morality - a particular system of values and principles of conduct.

In the first ever 'Spocklight Supplemental', a new series of Bonus episodes to accompany the main pod, we explore that consistently progressive set of values that Star Trek Creator, Gene Roddenberry instilled in the franchise from the very beginning which, thankfully, continue to resonate to this day.

Regular hosts, Liam and Paul (No Matt this time) are joined for this discussion by Special Guest Star, David Trumble, former Political Cartoonist for 'The Sun' Newspaper (a Job role that we can assure you does not reflect his political beliefs as will become apparent upon listening to this episode) and one of the many Stars of forthcoming Star Trek Fan Film, 'Ambush'.

Please let us know if you enjoy it and if you'd like to hear more 'Supplemental' episodes in the future.

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